RPR Consulting and Trading was created at the beginning of the Year 2000.
At the helm of the management team are food and beverage specialists, which have many years of experience, and now combined with logistic experts, at Thai Fresh Express, an prime business partner with the highest quality objectives was created.
Thai Fresh Express
is always able to provide on time delivery, and especially premium produce.
Thai Fresh Express, is conveniently located in the heart of the agricultural production area of Thailand . We do pack and supply a wide range of the finest fresh, frozen and canned produce to buyers around the globe. Combined with Creative Thai Restaurant Solutions, Durable Workwear, Thai Fresh Express is an one Stop Busineness partner for the Hospitality and Restaurant industry. Nevertheless is Thai Fresh Express also a major exporter of premium produce to retail industry.
We always focus on the highest quality and flexibility on all our Services, adapting to the ever-changing needs of our current and future customers.
Production Steps :
Receiving quality goods; during early morning hours from contracted farms. Quality checks: Control of specifications, checked quality goods are washed ,sanitized, and dried before selecting; Fruits are especially washed with utmost care to avoid spoilage and then carefully dried.

Selection All our premium produce is careful packed in our own packing facility only. Our staff does select only premium quality. All our produce is ready to use. Thai Fresh Express,fruits and vegetables are easily traceable to our own farm, as well as to our contracted farmers.
Packing for wholesale or for hotels and restaurants, we customize packaging according to the customer's specification and labeling requirement. Design of labels
and boxes is continuous updated.

All our premium produce is cooled down to temperatures
between 2-4 + Celsius.

Our packed premium produce is transported to the International airport, with cool trucks. Boxes are then directly loaded in containers, and stored at the airport cool room until immediate departure.
Alternatively,we experienced to work with onboard temperature controlled containers which guarantee more then 99% temperature stability until arrival at the customers destination.
We Supply all destinations available with the utmost competitive and reliable airlines.
All non-perishable and non-food products of

Thai Fresh Express
can send via container,by sea freight.

Export Documents
Export documents include Phytosanitary certificate, certificate of origin, customs Form A, chemical residue test certificates. All documents ensure a speedy customs clearance at the port of entry.